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S.E.O. Specialist Copywriting Company in the UK

Welcome to Copper Copy - top-performing optimised copy at affordable prices. 


Today, writing copy for the internet is not just about being a good writer. Great content is important and having interesting and engaging articles can be very valuable to a business trading online, but if nobody knows about your blog what is the point? 

This is where optimisation comes in, having your articles visible to an audience is the first step in nurturing visitors into customer. There are many ways you can go about getting people to your website but the best way is to dominate the search engines in your particular sector. Search engines work 24/7 to bring people who are looking for products or services into contact with companies offering what they seek. 

The problem, of course, is that is can be very difficult to rank for the search terms (the keywords) that bring in the high volumes. It is all technical and confusing, like learning an other language but harder. 


At Copper Copy we simplify it. We have access to the world's most powerful software to churn all the data, then we just write to the formula that performs best. To the human eye the articles you get are indistinguishable to a normal article, but you will know the difference as each article comes with a scoring report showing you how the article was measured and how well it performs. The free scoring report also contains insights into how you should upload the article to your site (meta tags etc.) and what backlinks you should seek on the back of the article. 



Working via email enables me to keep costs down to a minimum. I will usually respond to contact requests within an hour. Email me directly or use the contact form below. 
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