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FREE Competitive Research - Limited Offer

Press the contact button below to email me your request for a FREE report on your website and on two competitor websites - a £100 value - just include your website address and details of your two main competitors.  

Limited offer - due to the time it takes to complete the research and write the report, I can only offer this free to a limited number of companies. 

Business owners,


If you want your website to be top of the organic search engine results, you have to do better than your competitors. If you’re running away from a lion you don’t have to be faster than it, you just have to outrun the person next to you. It’s the same for search engines. You can save a lot of time, effort and money if you refine your SEO efforts to simply beating the people you need to beat rather than trying to fully master the hugely complicated, technical and ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization (the American spelling I know. But even in the UK the US version consistently performs better and by a significant margin).


With competitive research, as part of your overall market research approach, you can see just what others in your field are doing well and where they are missing opportunities in the target market. The competitive landscape could be much more difficult terrain than you ever expected and it is not just the companies selling similar products or services that you have to consider. Indirect competitors for example, could be driving up the price of your PPC campaigns by going after your keywords, or a new energetic start-up could be grabbing all that lucrative social media traffic, keeping it away for your website.

Competitive Intelligence does for businesses what Military Intelligence does for nations, but without all that risky espionage and gunplay you see in the movies. Powerful research tools are used to conduct a competitive analysis. Insights from competitive research provide:


Overviews – at-a-glance reports with graphs and charts 

Analysis of traffic - how many people are clicking through to your website versus how many are clicking through to your competitors and where are these clicks coming from

Organic Search Engine Analysis – What search terms are currently driving traffic to your website and how do you rank for that search term versus your competitors. This research can be performed on your website to identify weaknesses and can be performed on your competitors to identify opportunities for you to start winning their visitors over to your site


Lost Keywords – Find them with the right research. Lost keywords are search terms you could be using to win more traffic to your site. This report will provide you with the keyword, your current rank for the word on Google and an average volume of monthly traffic for the keyword.

Armed with this information you will be in a position to start either developing your own content assets in the most efficient manner, or renovate your existing assets to fully exploit any identified gaps. Blog renovation is one of the big new emerging strategies of 2019 as it is the most time and cost effective method for meeting the requirements of a content strategy.

Quick Case Study

You have a business in Liverpool. You have lots of competitors in the city and your enquiries from the website have started to drop off. It is costing you money.


Do you:

1) Ignore it. Peaks and troughs and all that, it will pick up again I’m sure.  

2) Introduce a host of new offers to get the customers back and throw money at more advertising.  

3) Find out why it is happening by conducting competitive research.  


If you answered 1. Good luck.


If you answered 2. It could work but how much is it going to cost you and for how long are you going to be making those offers? As soon as your advertising budget runs out your customers will start floating away again because you haven’t got to the root of the problem.  


If you answered 3, congratulations! You have now discovered that your competitors have upped their game and are killing you in the search engines. So now you know that throwing money at offers and advertising is a short-lived and expensive fightback and that ignoring the situation it is the worst possible thing.

Press the contact button below to email me a request for a FREE report on your website that includes data on your competitors.

I do not need access to your analytics account or any restricted access at all. I just need your website address and details of your two main competitors. My Software will do the rest.

The report you will receive will detail the strengths and weaknesses of your site from an SEO standpoint as well as that of your competitors and should enable you to start implementing positive change to your online presence.