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Looking for something a bit more Specialist?

For assignments that need more than just the research and writing

The most popular business service I offer under this heading is the One Pager but I offer a range of specialist services that might interest the type of company that understands the value of their presence. 

Feel free to drop me an email to ask about:

  • Website Content and Copy Audit - This is quite an involved process where I run your website through my software looking for technical issues (broken links, missing meta tags etc) but I also read through with my English Professor hat on looking for the type of errors that machines can miss but will turn prospective customers off. You get a final report showing your health score and where there are problems.


  • Keyword Research & Reporting - A comprehensive look at what keywords are working for you and how you rank for them. This exercise will uncover where you can make improvements and if there are any effective keywords not currently being targeted. 

  • Sourcing images (stock images and bespoke including caricatures)

  • Short marketing animations

  • Sourcing audio, including voice actors reading your scripts

  • Audio transcription

Is what you're looking for not listed? I may have someone to who can help or a recommendation for you - Get in touch. 


Introducing the One Pager

Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex - A. Einstein

This popular service has been described a godsend on more than one occasion.

The One Pager allows you to digest something complex quickly and easily in time for that important meeting or presentation. 

You supply the raw document to me. I read it, comprehend it and then write a concise report covering all the main points. The One Page that you get back will be written in simple English with any jargon busted or clarified. 

Save yourself the time and the headache. Get a One Pager done today.